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Our Services:
  • CLARIFYE Digital EYE exam

  • OPTOS Retinal Imaging

  • Medical Eye Services        (Red Eye, Eye Pain, Eye Disease, Glaucoma)

  • Computer Vision Syndrome (Eyestrain, Headache, Eye Pain, Red Eye)

  • Contact Lens Care

  • Specialty Contact Lens

  • LASIK Co-management

  • Same Day Urgent Eye Care

  • Minor Ambulatory Procedures

Eye Care and Eye Health

Clear vision isn’t the only sign of healthy eyes. Much more can be determined by a comprehensive eye exam, including potential ailments and diseases that many people may not even associate with site. That’s one reason why eye health is such a critical part of your overall physical health and wellbeing.

In addition to visiting your eye doctor on an annual basis, good habits in your personal life are also important. Examples include:

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Glaucoma is a disease that causes a gradual degeneration of cells that make up the optic nerve, which carries visual information from the eye to the brain. As the nerve cells die, vision is slowly lost, usually beginning in the periphery. Often, the vision loss is unnoticeable until a significant amount of nerve damage has occurred.

Between three and four million Americans have glaucoma; including an estimated 1.5 to two million people who do not even know they have the disease. The most common type of glaucoma develops gradually and painlessly, with no symptoms for an extended period of time. Left untreated, loss of sight vision will occur and may eventually lead to blindness.

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